Quotes by founder, Shri Vipin Chand Bomb:

"What matters to the body is the matter that goes into the body."
"What matters to the body is the matter that goes out of the body."
"Do not meddle with your body, your body knows the best."
"What we should do is what we should NOT do?"
"Cure for incurables through uncommon common sense."
"Vegetarianism spreads peace. Spread Vegetarianism for sake of world peace."
"Vegetarianism for Human Health and Animal Wealth."
"Vegetarianism, a passport to heaven."
"Definition of VEG-
   V ery
   E asy to
   G rasp by the body & the brain."
"Veg-good for mental peace."
"Vegetarianism for National Integration."
"Vegetarianism is religion common to all religion."
"Do not enforce vegetarianism follow vegetarianism and the whole world is at peace."

Books by founder - Vipin Chand Bomb

The book “SPIRITUAL FOOD” authored by Vipin Chand Bomb was released on the day of 3rd Mega Seminar (24-Jan-2010). 1500 copies of books were printed and 1200 were distributed against donation with in half hour – a sort of a record. We are looking forward for publisher if interested contact us at info@zerotherapy.com .

One of the prime condition for the food to be called Spiritual Food is that it should not have smell like Onion, Garlic(pungent) but smell like Rose and Sandalwood is accepted. The reason is that pungent smell coats the bhudhi and hence spoils the judgment. In our opinion judge should only be vegetarian for this reason. As the quotation of founder goes..... “A JUDGE IS NOT A JUDGE IF HE IS NOT ABLE TO JUDGE THE RIGHT FOOD FOR THE RIGHT JUDGEMENT”


Book: “105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”

Following are Front Cover and Back of the Front Cover of the book. The whole Universe is nothing but Hot and Cold effect (i.e) Sun and Moon, Paap and Punya, Male and Female (Expansion and Contraction). The cover page of this book shows Sun and Moon together because the entire Universe cannot Separate these two.


Forth coming book: “5 line diagnosis by Zero Therapy” as told by beneficiaries. Non-Medical book useful for Medical Profession.

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